Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Left Feet

I arrived home Sunday to tons of mail.  I was not only excited to go through to see more Christmas cards, but I was also expecting a package.  I had ordered a new running skirt and a pair of compression socks from  I have found that skirts are not only more flattering, but also more comfortable to run in.  Running skirts would be considered a luxury from, as the newest, latest, greatest ones cost about $58.  I had never allowed myself to indulge.  When we drew names for Christmas, that went on my wish list.  I got a running skirt from and a shirt from from my brother-in-law who had drawn my name.  I was so excited Christmas morning.  This will be my official first half-marathon outfit.  I digress...

I am pretty thrifty; therefore, I had purchased a clearance running skirt and the compression socks on the day that had free shipping.  On Sunday night, my legs were TIRED from the nine miles on the dreadmill.  I wanted to put on my compression socks and see how they helped.  I opened the package, admired the skirt for a moment, then opened the socks. Upon closer inspection, I noticed both socks had L on the bottom.  I'm not too sure how important it is that you have a L and a R, but it is obviously important enough that they designate.  I was bummed!  It kinda struck me as funny though for some strange reason.  Back to the "not an athletic bone in my body", I thought, is this a sign that I have two left feet?

Procrastination is my middle name, but I called as soon as they opened Monday morning.  I was lucky enough to talk to one of the twins who started the business.  She was so helpful and said that I did not need to send the other pair back, that she would send me another pair out that day.  Then she said, "I'll just send you two right socks and that way you will have two pair".  I was thrilled.  I offered to return the others, but she was so accomodating and I was content with their excellent customer service. 

Fast forward to this afternoon, and yes, my socks arrived!  Pretty quick from California.  I was headed out the door for a four mile run, so I put the package to the side.  I opened them immediately when I returned and guess what?  A complete pair was enclosed, a L and a R.  I debated what to do because I thought this might mess up their inventory or something and I certainly didn't need three lefts and one right.  I called and spoke to Clara this time.  I once again offered to send them back whatever they wanted, but she insisted on sending me out two right socks.  Well, short story long (because I'm good at that), by next week, I should be the proud owner of three complete pairs of compression socks. 

Two obvious conclusions from this experience: is the bomb!!!  Excellent customer service...  And conclusion number 2, perhaps, compression socks aren't really worth $32 a pair. (Prior to ordering these, I went to our local running store, their compression socks ranged from $40-$70 dollars a pair-WOW)  We shall see.  I have them on now and they feel good and bad at the same time.  My legs are so tired after 21 miles in the past 4 days.  9 Sunday, 5 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, and 4 today.  I think the socks are doing the trick though of keeping my blood circulating and pumping.

Below is a picture from Christmas morning, where I was ecstatic to try on my wished for half-marathon outfit.  Now, I will be able to add the compression socks.  My shirt from says "13.1 miles, cause I am only HALF crazy!"

I have been so, so very exhausted lately.  My dear husband, Scott, is probably right.  I should be taking some kind of vitamin. Looking forward to a few rest days before 10 miles on Sunday (in my new socks).  It's suppose to rain the next few days, so we will likely be lazy and watch lots of football.  Roll Tide!

Happy New Year!


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