Monday, February 20, 2012

Injured again

I sure wish I would have kept up with my blog during my training for the Marine Corps Marathon, BUT, I didn't. Training was going wonderful. I was so committed that I got up three or four days a week to run at 5:00 in the morning due to the extreme summer heat here in the Pensacola area. Most mornings it was still in the high 70's with a zillion percent humidity. My friends, Jennifer and Cathy, were so faithful to come run at this time as well. We had to finish before the sun made it to high in the sky. This means that most mornings, we did have the blessing of watching the sun rise.
On August 20, I had steadily and faithfully built my mileage up to 13 miles. I tried to run my long runs slow to lower my risk of injury. I ran the 13 miles in 2:28:39, which is an 11:26 pace. Very conservative. I came in from the run feeling accomplished. I drank some chocolate milk as my post race fuel, did lots of stretching, sat with my legs straight up in the air against a wall to allow the blood to not pool in the bottom of my legs.
I naturally felt tired the rest of the day, but nothing unexpected. UNTIL, I watched about 30 minutes of TV lying in my bed that evening. When I got up, I felt a horrible feeling in my lower left leg. The next morning, I could barely walk into church. Long story short, and after a bone scan, I had yet another fracture. This time in my tibia.
Pouting commenced, depression set in, and the realization that I would not be able to run the full marathon with my friend Melissa was SLOW to accept. I still got up many mornings with my friends and would bike instead of run.
This lasted until September 27 when I "tried" my leg on a 3 mile run. A fracture is a tough injury because there's really no way to know when the bone is going to heal. I ran again later in that week and just decided that I wasn't ready.
I didn't start really running again until the Pumpkin Run 5K on October 22.

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