Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Long Run before the Marathon

Saturday, February 11 was my longest run to date. Instead of running around my neighborhood by myself, I decided to go over to Daphne to run it with a group of Sole to Soul Sisters. Due to the 4 a..m. start time, I decided to drive over and spend the night with Paige. She was so gracious to let me crash at her house for those few hours of sleep before the 3 a.m. wake up.
I spent the evening before looking for a light for my arm. I have a head lamp on my hat, but I wanted to make sure that cars could see me as we would be running in the dark of night all over streets that were new to me.
Daphne Long Run by leahmoore at Garmin Connect - Details
You can see all my data by clicking on the link above. Overall, it was a successful run. It helped me to run with the group to have support. I tend to start out too quickly which effects me later in my run. I was able to start of in the low 11:00 minute pace, which is where I needed to be. It was colder than I had anticipated and I was super cold most of the run. I would rather be cold than hot any day though.

There were 18 women in all who joined in at some point to run. What an amazing support system they have. They had strategically placed water stops so we were able to refill our hydration belts. Before I knew it, we were on mile 6. I was doing great until I got to miles 13 and 14. My mind started thinking that the half-marathon was over and it was time to relax. As the miles went on, they got tougher. You can tell by my pace that I had to do some intervals to finish it out.

My training schedule only called for 20 miles. If I would have seen my car at mile 20, I certainly would have quit. I'm glad that I didn't though because I needed the extra to make me stronger. I did, however, see me car at 21.5 and that was good enough for me. I finished the 21.5 in 4:05:36, an 11:25 pace. This is exactly where I needed to be to successfully complete my marathon in around 5 hours. Success!!
Above: Katrina, myself, and Mindy after a super early morning run.
Below: Jackie, me, and Paige.

Just a few short weeks until my first marathon. Thank you Paige for letting me spend the night. Thank you S2S Sisters for being such a wonderful ministry to build up women!

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